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On 01. May 2016 19:39 butzi wrote at strstr:

@samiu1287: thanks for your hint. I fixed the wrong result.

On 01. Jan 2016 17:19 butzi wrote at Syllable Division:

@same: you can find the code through the link in the description. It was posted unter "PHP (Allgemein)" in 2008.

On 21. May 2014 13:27 butzi wrote at substr:

@Matchendran: functions are not allowed within the textareas and input fields

On 04. May 2014 17:00 butzi wrote at preg_replace:

@Mira: Please take a look at the manual. The $pattern ist required to be encapsulated in some special characters (mostly @ or / is used). Anyway else you get the error message.

On 17. Jul 2013 09:04 butzi wrote at base64_encode:

@tomas: blacklist some keywords/function-names is the last point to get some more security to the site. There was some attacks in the last month, that required this step.

On 27. May 2013 14:44 butzi wrote at floatval:

@asd: It is not possible to enter "NULL" here. The value of "NULL" returned through floatval is 0.

On 08. Mar 2013 11:17 butzi wrote at Generate Password:

@anonyms: Try to create your own function. You only need a look for the chars and the mt_rand function to get the chars.

On 08. Mar 2013 11:14 butzi wrote at preg_match:

@brunchika: You do not need to add Quotes on the pattern, but you are required to use delimiters by default of PHP. Try pattern: /test/ subject: asdftestasdf and click run.

On 05. Feb 2013 07:51 butzi wrote at strlen:

@mjb4: the charset is a general problem. PHP uses ISO, this site UTF-8. I plan to fix this, but in a way everyone can be happy with this, so it takes some time.

On 14. Aug 2012 13:59 butzi wrote at strlen:

@ROCKESH RONITH: what are you testing? Results for me are correct. Maybe there is a multi-byte problem with the charset?